Some of Annemarie Estor’s poetry, originally in Dutch, has been translated into other languages.


Handschrift 1

Translated from the Dutch by Zalmai Panjsheri and Dawud Daryabari.
Handwriting by Bahram Aghbar.

Original Dutch poem:

Mijn hart is van papier.
Het verslapt in de regen.
Het verkleurt in de zon.
Het waait weg op elke wind.

Ik vraag u:

Begraaf het in de woestijn.
Leg er een steen op.
Laat het verdrogen.
Dan kent het een plaats.

Annemarie Estor, augustus 2013.




From the asphalt

Snakes and rats lie mangled, perverted
among car tyres on the scorching road.

The woman speaks:
‘In every rat an almond hides.’
‘In every snake a dream.’

A film of silver rises from the asphalt.
The false reflection shows the shape
of he who travelled in his soul.

Translated by Lex van der Wagt, 2013



Del pavimento

Yacen fláccidas serpientes y ratas, extendidas
entre neumáticos en el arcén hirviente.

La mujer pronuncia:
«Cada serpiente esconde un sueño.»
«Cada rata alberga una almendra.»

Del pavimento se eleva una capa de plata.

En el falso reflejo aparece la figura
de quien se fue de viaje en su alma.

© traducción española: Diego J. Puls 2013



The summer’s fading out.
Already the chestnuts have begun to rust.

Children are walking in the lanes
And inside their heads the hay is hanging
Where the reaper-woman put it up to dry.

They are picking up wasps from the grass verge
And on the back of their bikes there’s a box full of fright.

At home the aunts tell tales of the knives in the drawer,
Of grass, and the scythe through the grass.

Translated by Frederick Turner, 2013



Stolz trug er Mäntel
aus Schafen, mit beherrschter Hand geschlachtet.
Er schützte mich vor Flegeln auf Mofas,
er nährte mich mit Heldengeschichten und wies auf die Berge.
Im Garten des Wahnsinns war er
das gewaltigste Grün.

Übersetzt von Stefan Wieczorek, 2013  (excerpt from Die Achsel des Bocks, to be published in a German collection of Flemish poetry, [SIC] LITERATURVERLAG & Christoph Wenzel, 2014 )